Integrated Mailroom
Use the power of Accio to index inbound documents and associate them with the respective Policy, Billing or Claims automatically without any manual intervention. Notify the respective stakeholders in real time through the core system integration enhancing customer experience
Straight Through Processing
Understand and Extract key fields from insurance specific unstructured content and use them for process automation, fraud detection, content redaction and straight through processing
Demand Identification
Save millions of dollars in settlement cost by implementing Accio's AI driven solution to automatically identify demand letters and notify the respective stakeholders through well designed APIs. Minimize bad faith claims that can ruin your reputation and wipe out your profits
Multi Channel Support
Built-in connectors to access documents from Drop-Box, emails, Messaging software, Folders and any other source
Easy Integration
Built-in APIs to connect to the Core system for Notification and Straight through processing
Document Insights
Get insights from any content including email Attachments, Voice calls and Hand Written documents
Insurance Focused
Accio is calibrated to accurately detect insurance document types, domain entities and keywords
Auto Learning
Accio is built to self-learn as it ingests more and more unstructured documents
Zero touch Implementation
Pre-built accelerators to core systems for integrated functionalities helps leverage Accio in matter of hours
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