About Us

Accio is an insurance-aware search engine crafted by a team with decades of experience developing and implementing software products for the North American insurance industry.

A significant challenge that insurance carriers face today is, with the growth in their business, there is an exponential increase in data across the enterprise. It has become relatively cheap to store vast amounts of data, but are employees able to find the correct information when they need it?

Accio aggregates data – both structured and unstructured - from across the insurance carrier’s enterprise repositories and makes it available at the click of a button, right when you need it.

We are sure we already told you all about Accio on the homepage, but we figured it was worth repeating, You know, just in case you weren't paying attention or something...

Leadership Team
Rajesh has worked extensively with Fortune 500 companies implementing enterprise software products for the insurance industry across North America. He conceptualized Accio to help improve the operational efficiency of insurance carriers.
Product Manager
Based out of Denver Colorado, Sridhar heads the Product Development at Accio. With over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, most of which has been in the US working on product development and support, he is responsible for overseeing the company’s product strategy and roadmap
Technology Consultant
Nixon is the Technology Consultant at Accio. With 20 years of deep expertise in enterprise software product development, he works with the various teams at Accio providing them the technology leadership for the product
Business Advisor
Chandra works closely with the Accio leadership team providing them mentorship on the product and business plans. Based out of Madison Wisconsin, Chandra is currently the co-founder and COO of InsurPay. He is an MBA from Kellogg School of Management.